10 Most Annoying Cocktail Trends

 Annoying Cocktail Trends

Older post but still relevant

It is always fun to satisfy our curiosity when looking into what’s hot and what’s not in the cocktail culture. Zagat  is one of the largest user-generated rating guides for restaurants and bars. Their web site invites people to participate in all kinds of surveys. Last year Zagat did an interesting survey, Annoying Cocktail Trends. Find out The 10 Most Annoying Cocktail Trends posted by LA Beat. Make your favourite cocktail and enjoy it while you scroll through this post but please, don’t make a Popcorn martini! I think all ten issues fit in the annoying category, and here are my top annoying ones from his list.

 TO MANY INGREDIENTS – I agree and restaurant meals should be included in that category. Flavour and balance will always go a long way, that’s why they are classic cocktails and people like them.

MOLECULAR COCKTAILS – Liquid nitrogen belongs in a chemistry lab.You can produce a lot of cool effects using natural ingredients without the risk of killing someone.

TWEE SERVING VESSELS – Should we have to use both hands to hold our cocktail?

NO STRAWS OR FLIMSY PAPER STRAWS – Too many good alternative to plastic straws to use paper straws.

BACON IN DRINKS – Come on! Corned beef should not be served with mayo because they don’t go together.

What is your spirited opinion about those annoying trends?  Share  your pet peeves about the cocktail culture.