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aperol cocktailAperol is a bright orange Italian Apéritif with a bitter-sweet orange taste, and a light herbal finish. Aperol was originally created in 1919 in Padova, Italy, and now is produced by the Campari company. Aperol is made from a blend of  spirits, along with rhubarb, and exotic botanicals like gentians, and others roots. The exact recipe has been kept a secret since 1919. With is flirty orange colour and zesty flavour, aperol is a perfect choice for creative cocktails at any occasions. It is the cousin of the dark Campari bitters but  has less alcohol and  is sweeter. Although intended to be drunk straight, Aperol is enjoyed diluted with soda water by millions of Italians.  The biggest markets for Aperol are: Italy, Germany, and Austria. Drink like Italians, and mix yourself and Aperol Smash cocktail.