Bartending Guide Study – Lesson 1


 Bartending Lesson 1

Interested in mixing drinks as a bartender? Very often if you don’t have at least a foundation knowledge of bartending, you usually won’t get hired. There is an art to this age-old profession and the more skills and knowledge you have will increase your odds of getting a bar job quicker. The bartending Guide Home Study series is a fun way to get the basic education needed to mix drinks in front of an audience or to impress the heck out of your friends. Welcome to the club!



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SHAKERS -The 2 pieces Boston Shaker is the one that most bartenders use. The other style is called Euro or Standard shaker.

STRAINERS – The Hawthorn strainer  is used for cocktails which are served without ice like the Martini.

BAR SPOONS – Bar spoons are used to stir a cocktail or for measurement.

JIGGERS – Jiggers are used to measure cocktail ingredients. They come in a multitude of styles and typically range from 1 to 2 oz.

MUDDLER – Bar muddler is used to mash fruit, herbs or other ingredients to extract their flavours.

POURERS – Pourers are spouts that are inserted into bottles for easy flow.

CITRUS JUICER – Citrus juicer is great when you need fresh-squeezed citrus juice on the fly.

CUTTING BOARD & KNIFE – Needed to create garnishes.

If you are fortunate enough to get a learn-on-the-job position, the tools will come with the job. If you want to use these lessons as a home study, you will probably want to buy a basic set of bartending tools. Basic bartender tools kit is sold by restaurant suppliers and on line. Check out the following web sites  Amazon, Ebay, Target for a reasonably priced kit. Often, you can find single bar item at Dollar Stores and second hand stores.

For a reference  Download Essential Tools of the trade pdf file.


Most of the bar glasses have been designed to enhance a specific style of drink. The picture above highlights glassware that is commonly found in the industry. Learn the name of each style  and know the difference between all of them.   You must be able to identify each one  instantly.

martini glass bar guideMARTINI GLASSES – Also called cocktail glass. They are used for cocktails served straight up such as Martini.

highball glass bar guideHIGHBALL GLASS – Most highball glasses hold between 8 to 12 ounces and come in different shapes. They are used for highball drinks such as Screwdriver.

viva grande/ poco grande glassPOCO GRANDE/VIVA GRANDE GLASS – Used for  exotic style cocktails such as Flamingo Punch.

old fashioned glass bar guideOLD FASHIONED/ ROCK GLASS – Short glasses that are generally round and hold between 6 to 12 ounces. Used for lowball drinks such as Brown Cow and Pearl Harbor.

champagne fluteCHAMPAGNE FLUTE – Champagne glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Used for sparkling cocktails such as the Lanesborough.

sour glassSOUR GLASS – Sour and Fizz are small glasses that are interchangeable. Used for small drinks such as Whisky Sour and Brandy Daisy.

brandy snifterBRANDY SNIFTER GLASS – Snifter glasses have wide bowl that enhance the aromas of fine spirits like Cognac. Often used for liqueurs served straight up and cocktails such as Stinger.

Coffee glass BAR guideCOFFEE GLASS – Coffee glasses are sturdy glassware that are generally clear and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Used for specialty hot beverages such as B52 Coffee.

pousse cafe glassPOUSSE-CAFÉ GLASS – A small tubular glass holding approximately 1 to 2 ounces. The term also refers to Pony and Cordial style glasses that have a stem. Shooter or shot glasses generally don’t have stem and vary in sizes from 1 to 4 ounces.
B52 Shooter.

champagne saucer glassCHAMPAGNE SAUCER GLASS – Champagne saucers are elegant stemmed cocktail glasses. They come in different shapes and sizes. Used for contemporary cocktails such as Southern Belle.

mini carafe - side car glasswareSIDE CAR – A small container used to serve a mixer on the side of a cocktail.

wine glassWINE GLASS – Wine glasses are good for more than just wine. They are perfect for delicate drinks, mulled wine, and  juicy cocktails such as the  Life Saver.

hurricane glass bar guideHURRICANE GLASS – A footed glass that is bulbous at the bottom and tapers to a flaring cylinder at the top, and holds approximately 16 to 22 ounces. Used for tropical drinks like the Hurricane.

 For home study Download Classic Glassware pdf file.