Jaan Paan Liqueur

Jaan Paan LiqueurThe Exotic Jaan Liqueur

Updated May 2019

Jaan \ˈjän\ – It is an Hindi/Urdu word with many meanings, the most common being life and love. This exotic liqueur offers the mystic flavours and aromas of Paan which has been enjoyed in the East for thousands of years. Paan is a betel leaf wrap containing various exotic spices. Paan is very common in South Asia, South East Asia and Far East. A Toronto-based company, Jaan blends exotic spices infused with vanilla, citrus and Canadian maple syrup. Enjoy Jaan’s versatility – straight, on the rocks or in a martini. Its delightful bouquet and enticing flavours offer an unparalleled drinking experience.
According to Raj Dhanjal, president, the liqueur can be used in cocktails, martinis, coffees, teas, mixed with tequilas or whiskeys, or even poured over ice cream. I have experimented with the liqueur, and I have found that it is best suited with gin, dry vermouth, and tea. This liqueur is the perfect pairing in chai flavoured tea. Currently Jaan—branded from a Hindi word meaning both “love” and “life”—is available at Ontario border duty free stores and in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba with plans to move into Quebec and the US in the near future.

jaan liqueur products

The company has added 2 products to its line-up. Ginger Liqueur – An incredibly smooth and unique blend of ginger, ginseng and exotic spices sweetened with a touch of Canadian maple syrup. Spiced Vodka – Distilled 5x and infused with exotic spices, lemongrass, clementine, and ginseng. Beautifully balanced to change the way you think of vodka.

Enjoy a delightful Broken Down Rickshaw cocktail.