02 Aug, 2021

Ratafia – France Other Drink

Ratafia by Cocktail hunter

Ratafia de Champagne - cocktail hunter


Even after Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, fruit brandies, and liqueurs in endless varieties, France still offers the dedicated imbibers an array of other drinks such as Ratafia. In some grape-growing areas of France, local aperitifs are made by fortifying, and sometimes slightly sweetening, young red or white wine. The name allegedly comes from Roman Latin rata fiat, a toast to the ratification of an agreement. In Champagne, Ratafia is made with the rest of the grapes of Pinot recovered at the exit of the press, without any filtration, mixed with a marc brandy. Then, the base is at least reserved two years out of barrels of oak, which will give it superb brown colour. In the Cognac area their version is Pinot Des Charente, both red and white, and fortified naturally with Cognac. In other areas, particularly in the central and eastern south the drink is likely to be a chilled bottle of slightly fortified sweet wine wine, often made from the Muscat grape. Frontignan, Lunel, Rivesalts, and Beaume de Venise. Ratafia is traditionally served well chilled before meals.