Top 10 Holiday Cocktails

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Christmas Cocktails

FaLaLaLa…’Tis the season to add some pizzazz to your holiday fête! The holiday season is a wonderful time for entertaining, and nothing gets everyone mingling better than a great cocktail in a festive atmosphere. The following are 10 fantastic holiday cocktails that will make a great sensation at any party or casual get-together.

Holiday Cocktails blog

1. CHAI NOG  – Christmas in a glass.

2. FRENCH MARTINI – Indulge in a rich and fabulous martini.

3. LANESBOROUGH – Timeless, effervescent, and joyous.

4. CANDY CANE – Refreshing with strong minty flavours.

5. JACK HONEY TODDY – Guaranteed to chase away the winter chills.

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6. TOM & JERRY – Get into the spirits of the season with this classic.

7. BUTTERBALL SHOOTER – Here’s a really creamy little drink that will definitely get you in the holiday mood.

8. SIBERIAN EXPRESS MARTINI – For those indulgences we allow ourselves during the holiday.

9. MULLED WINE – A seasonal treat.

10 BOURBON FLIP – If you like bourbon then this is the perfect Christmas drink for you.

Wishing you a Very Merry Cocktail Time!