International Women’s Day & Women’s Equali-TEA Cocktail

I am honored to be featured along side some other amazing women in the world of spirits writing and photography on Women & Whiskies to celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month! I created the Women’s Equal-TEA cocktail to pair with my feature. Although a cute name, it is inspired by the struggles and efforts of women to affect change in the equality among all genders. Whether the pink tax, unequal pay, biased policies, and reproductive rights (just to name a few!), women face inequality everyday in one form or another.

The cocktails features hibiscus rose tea that is both sweet but tart, bourbon for a kick, and ginger that will bit back. They all play well together in this complex yet easily likeable whiskey sour .You can also get the recipe here along with other amazing whiskey cocktail recipes included these developed by some of my favorite women in the spirits world Arsenic Lace’s Campari spiked The Future is Female & Gastronomista’s cherry blossom and scotch gem. Cheers to ALL women today and everyday!


Muddle ginger in a shaker tin. Add the bourbon, tea, lemon, simple syrup, and bitters to the shaker. Shake with ice and strain into a rocks glass with ice. Peel a long lemon peel. Express lemon peel over the glass. Roll the lemon peel up to form a “rose”. Garnish glass with peel and edible flower or rose.

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