On Trend: New Vintage Barware

New Year, New Barware…who dis?

With a New Year starting and promising new beginnings it’s out with the old and in with the new, so why not shake up your barware collection too?!

The new barware collections from Utopia, Beaumont and Genware all offer an on trend vintage aesthetic that is perfect for adding variety and flair to your cocktail service and creations, as well as perfectly complimenting last years Copper trend; meaning these can be easily incorporated into use with any existing copper items you may already have.

Utopia: Vintage Copper

Utopia’s Vintage Copper range boasts a distressed effect finish and brings a vintage inspired aesthetic effortlessly to cocktail service and preparation methods. Its vintage copper finish offers a slightly more subtle effect compared to its original copper counterparts.

They also work extremely harmoniously with Utopia’s Gun Metal range allowing you to mix and match individual elements or swap things out for a combination of both colours and finishes for a contrasting mix and match effect.

Beaumont: Antique Brass 

Any cocktail enthusiast will know that durable barware is worth it’s weight in gold. The Antique Brass range from Beaumont has been crafted from sturdy stainless steel with a brass effect finish and is perfect for use in commercial settings such as bars, cocktails clubs and pubs.


This range offers the basic and essential cocktail equipment and includes; a new strainer, muddler, jigger, tin on tin shaker and bar spoon. It’s subtle antique brass finish adds variety and colour without being too out-there or garish and provides a beautiful, lustrous finish.


Genware: Vintage


Offering an extensive variety of products, the Genware Vintage range has everything you could possibly need to produce a whole host of cocktail creations! Combining modern cocktail equipment with a distinctive antique finish it is the perfect fusion of new and old.


Made from dishwasher safe stainless steel this range is perfect for every day use in even the busiest settings thanks to its durability and fuss free cleaning options. Alternatively it is also ideal for use at home when impressing guests at cocktail and dinner parties with your superior barware collection.


Allowing you serve your drinks with as much creativity as your cocktail creations, these vintage barware ranges are the cocktail essentials you didn’t know you needed.