5 Cocktails That’ll Have Your Fall Season Tasting Of Mamajuana

Those of you feeling that they’ve had quite enough mosquitoes and humidity for this year, then rejoice: Fall arrives this weekend. Before long, the days and nights will get chill and dry, (and it will be time to start wearing sleeves again). If you’re the kind of person who enjoys raising a cup to new beginnings without having to hop on the PSL (pumpkin spice latte) bandwagon every Autumn, might we suggest toasting the coming coolness with a cocktail? Or perhaps toasting it with five? We promise not to count, because we’ll be too busy mixing up these celebratory sips that highlight mamajuana, an exotic liquor native to the Dominican Republic.

Made with native herbs, spices, barks, and honey, Mamajuana has earned a reputation over the course of centuries for its energizing and aphrodisiac qualities. Premium rum maker Candela, working directly with local Dominican farmers to source the purest ingredients, has introduced this traditional Dominican spirit to U.S. markets for the first time. Candela was kind enough to share with us some suggestions for getting the most out of experiencing this unique and exotic beverage.

Punta Cana
Named after a popular resort town in the Dominican Republic, a Punta Cana is a tropical resort escape in a glass (aka exactly what we need to get us through fall!)

Method: Mix 2 oz Candela Mamajuana with 2 oz passion fruit juice and 1 oz fresh lemon juice, then serve.

Can you handle the heat? There’s no quicker way to warm yourself up than with a little kick.

Method: To make a Tiguere, mix 3 oz of Candela Mamajuana with 2 oz fresh lemon juice and 1 oz jalepeño-infused syrup.

Oriente Caliente
Ready for some adult La Croix? This bubbly treat gives you a little taste of summer when you’re snuggled up in your fall sweaters!

Method: Mix 2 oz Candela Mamajuana with 2 oz of prosecco and 2 oz Yuzu Liqueur (a citrus liqueur).

Happy Ending
With fall inevitably comes office sicknesses. Instead of downing Vitamin C, protect yourself with kombucha.

Method: Mix 3 oz kombucha with 3 oz Candela Mamajuana for a cold cure you’ll actually want to drink.

Old Fashioned, With a Twist
Update this classic drink for fall by substituting rum instead of whiskey, bourbon, or rye.

Method: Muddle 1 sugar cube with 2 dashes bitters. Add 2 oz Candela Mamajuana, ice, and an orange twist on the side.

This article first appeared on FlavorfulWorld.com.