Holiday Cocktail Recipe Series: Day 9 of 12 – Poinsettia Punch

So, by now, nine days in, you’re probably wondering what’s left to those who don’t indulge in alcoholic beverages. Fear not; we haven’t forgotten you and would never desert you, teetotaling friends. If you’re looking for something tasty and sweet to sip while you celebrate this year, you needn’t look any farther than this holiday punch that brings together luscious pomegranate, refreshing mint, and sweetly bracing lime, and finishes with a splash of club soda. This presents a festive-looking option to the kid’s table (so they don’t feel left out of all the fancy drinkin’ the grown-ups are doing) as well as to adults who choose not to drink because they get no kick from feeling tipsy all evening.

Today’s (non-alcoholic) cocktail:

Poinsettia Punch

Courtesy of Cascade Ice Sparkling Water

Pour Cascade Ice Pomegranate Berry over ice. Mix mint leaves, juice of 1 lime and club soda together, and you’re ready to serve.

We shared something just as sweet and festive yesterday. Click here for that link.

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