T’was the Cocktail Series Before Christmas: Night 8 of 12 – Pombucha Twist

By this point in our program, some of you are no doubt wondering if anything we’re putting up in this cocktail cavalcade will err on the side of wellness over indulgence, without sacrificing the season’s sense of fun and whimsy. Well, in answer to that all-too-reasonable query, on the eighth night of our cocktail series, your good friends bring to you a healthier holiday cocktail alternative. In the Pombucha Twist, the sweetness of rum and brown sugar meet up with the fermented tartness of kombucha to create a drink that you can sip without guilt. Shake it up and send it down with a clear conscience.

Pombucha Twist
ArtBar, Cambridge, MA

  • 2oz real 5yr McCoy rum
  • 1/2 house brown sugar syrup
  • Health aide Pomegranate Kombucha
  • 1/2 lime juice
  • 2 oz fresh pomegranate

Preparation: Add rum, syrup, lime juice to shaker, shake well, pour over ice and top with Kombucha. Add the fresh pomegranate and lime wedge for garnish.

Last night’s recipe was delicious too. See it here if you missed out yesterday.

[Image credit: ArtBar]