3 Ways To Revamp Your Bar For A Grand Reopening

This post was written in collaboration with DigitalContentZone

Bar owners are some of the hardest hit financially by COVID-19. Social distancing measures have made it impossible to operate a bar. Successful bars are crowded and chaotic and, unfortunately, those are also the perfect conditions for COVID to spread.

If you run a bar, chances are that you have had to operate minimally if at all for the past few months. Hopefully this has not been all bad and has given you the impetus to improve the interiors of your bar.

For those who haven’t made any changes or don’t know where to start, here are 3 ways to revamp your bar for a grand reopening.

1. Intoxicating Bar Stool Designs

Bar stools are so fundamental to a well-run bar that they are often taken for granted. Most bars have fairly standard bar stools that no one even looks at. However, there are some great restaurant bar stools that will make your bar look brand new.

Good bar stools are made to be noticed. They are impressive to look at, but are also very comfortable. You want people to sit in them for extended periods of time after all.

Regular bar stools can get quite uncomfortable, whether because of poor quality materials or because there is no back support. A bar with comfortable and striking bar stools has an advantage on its competitors.

2. Lighter Interiors

Bar interiors are generally pretty straightforward. There’s a reason they are so standard – it works. Unfortunately, life is unlikely to go back to normal for quite a while, which makes those standard interior choices out of place.

Instead of a dark and claustrophobic space, you can make some temporary changes that make your bar feel more open and comfortable. This can be done with a lighter paint job, or simply by improving the lighting. Dim lighting is great in a pre-COVID bar, but right now people want to see who is around them and just how much space they have.

Still, that does not mean you want the space to feel big and empty. Striking the right balance is difficult, as no one wants to feel like they are alone in an establishment. You may have to experiment to find the perfect compromise.

3. Redo The Floors

If there’s one thing that just about all bars can do with it is new flooring. The reality of running a bar is that people will be spilling drinks on the floor fairly regularly. Part of the remedy is to choose the right type of flooring in the first place, that will not absorb drinks but won’t get sticky either. However, even the best floor choices need to be revamped at some point.

Patrons will feel like they are walking into a cleaner, more hygienic space if they find new flooring when you reopen. They will feel more at ease. Old floors can look dirty and sticky even when they are clean. A spill on new floors will simply look like a problem that can be fixed in seconds with a cloth.