5 Ways to Enjoy Cocktail at Home

  • 18th May 2021

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Who says you can’t enjoy cocktails at home? You don’t have
to go all the way out to get your cocktails when there are so many ways to mix
up your drinks right in your home. 

Even without a bartender’s skills, you can mix up a
delightful drink for yourself. All you need is liquor, ice, glassware, a few
ingredients, maybe a recipe guide, and you’re ready to go. Are you thinking of
skipping the bar? Here are a few ways you can enjoy cocktails at home.

Cocktail +

Staying in your cozy room while your eyes are fixed on a
Netflix show is always a great way to spend your time. If you plan to spend
some hours binge-watching a show, then get some refreshments to indulge your
other senses.

Everything’s better with wine, so make some classic cocktails like Gin and Tonic or Tom Collins and sip it while on your show. Get
your PJs, grab the remote in one hand, a cocktail in the other, and have a fun
Netflix + Cocktail time.

Friends for a Cocktail Party At Home

Cocktails are popularly served in formal gatherings, but you
can have them in a relaxed setting too. Have your close friends and family over
and throw them a cocktail party.

Luckily, there are so many home cocktail recipes you can
make to entertain your guests. You can learn some classic recipes, make a
signature cocktail, or get a recipe guidebook so everyone can DIY their drinks.
And if someone is willing to volunteer as a bartender, let them handle the bar.

Depending on your budget and number of guests, you can
decide to have a full bar or go with a cocktail menu. For a full bar
experience, you would need a fully-stocked bar and a bartending guide to give guests the option to choose
and mix their drinks. For a drink menu, you won’t need a fully stocked bar. All
you need is to make a list of ingredients and drinks available and let your
guests follow through.

It would also be great to add food dishes, party bites, and
appetizers to complement the cocktails; it’s a party, after all.

Themed Night

Another way to enjoy cocktails at home is to have a
casino-themed night. Enjoy sessions of classic slots, video games, or roulette
while sipping your delicious cocktail. This might sound like an expensive way
to spice things up, but it can be done completely free if you use no deposit
casino bonuses, which you can find here.

Traditionally, casino games are associated with glamour; a
night out in a bright light city while playing games over cocktails, mixed
drinks, and banters. But with the emergence of online games, you can now enjoy
all the actions of traditional casino games right from your home.

And if you want to replicate the glamour of a casino, it’s a
great idea to pair your games with a cocktail. You can go Margarita, go Mojito
or consult some cocktail recipes for inspiration.

Girls’ Night

Sometimes, girls just want to have fun, but going outside
may be out of options. Not to worry, you can have a girls’ night in your home
and make it fun. Invite your close girls over, add a cocktail to the mix, and
you get a girl’s night dream.

Entertain your girlfriends with party-friendly cocktail
recipes like Sex on the Beach, Piña Coladas and Cosmopolitan. To make it more
fun, you can make it a themed party, like a pajama party, mini-Halloween, or
spa-themed. You can also have each person bring ingredients to make more
varieties of cocktails.,

An Indulgent

You don’t need a special occasion or social event to enjoy your
homemade cocktail. If you want to turn a boring Friday night into a solo party
or need to unwind after a long week at work, then relax with a glass of drink.

Indulge yourself with your own delicious cheap cocktail
while you stare at the stars, the screen, or flip through pages of a book. Pair
your drink with warm crusty bread, pizza, or any bites available. You can also
make it a self-care session by pairing your drink session with DIY facials. If
you want something more lively, activate a celebratory mood by playing some
music, and maybe move your body to the tunes.

Now it’s the best time to enjoy cocktails in your home, so
get the liquor, the ice, and mix things up. 
The list of cocktail recipes for inspiration is endless, so get into
them and start practicing the art of mixology in your home.

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