6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Cocktail Shaker

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have most likely heard of a cocktail shaker, but might probably not pay much
attention because the only trusted cocktail shaker you know are your hands.
Most people love making their cocktail with their hands because of the thrill
of making a drink from scratch. There is nothing wrong with stirring a drink by
yourself; however, you can do better.

Making cocktails with your hands is so old fashioned, not to mention the stress. But using a cocktail shaker can eliminate the stress and also make cocktail making faster. Here are six primary reasons why everyone should own a cocktail shaker.

What is a Cocktail Shaker?

cocktail shaker is a piece of equipment that is commonly used for mixing
drinks. With a cocktail shaker, you can add ice to your cocktails and shake to
dissolve. This allows for a more refreshing drink when serving.

a cocktail shaker offers a more comfortable way of making and mixing your
cocktail. There are four significant types of cocktail shakers. These include
the Boston shaker, the Cobbler shaker, the Parisian shaker, and the Tin on Tin
Shaker, which is a recent addition from the 21st century.

primary differences between the four are in their looks, shapes, compartments,
and type of material.

6 Valid Reasons Why You Should Get a Cocktail Shaker

1. Easy to use

You are most likely thinking if it would be easy to switch from manually shaking your cocktail to using a cocktail shaker. It is normal to get used to making your cocktails manually; however, you will need to try using a cocktail shaker to tell the difference. One of the advantages of using a cocktail shaker is the ease of use. Even if it is your first time using it, it will still be effortless to use. All you have to do is to put the desired ingredients in the cocktail shaker and then shake it vigorously. Depending on the amount of ice that you added, your cocktail should be ready after about 10-20 seconds of shaking.

2. Improved Flavors

When using a Cocktail shaker, you can rest assured that there will be a complete mix of the ingredients to create a proper blend, because of the way cocktail shakers work. When there is a full blend of ingredients, you know that automatically, there will be a perfect blend of their flavors. The intensive mechanical shaking motion made by Cocktail shakers makes this possible, and this is why most cocktail recipes recommend a shaker!

3. Proper Dilution

Proper dilution is one
of the results that you get when using a cocktail shaker. You won’t have to
worry about getting the mixing right or if the water dilutes properly. All you
need to do is shake, and you get the mixture in equal amounts. In other words, the shaker ensures that there is an accurate mixing. So go for cocktail shakers recommended by foodshark, and start exploring different flavors!

4. Recipe Creativity

This is the part that you should look forward to. You get to mix different recipes and try new ingredients such as cream, fruits, etc., without worrying about properly mixing them. A cocktail shaker can blend efficiently more than your hands would ever be able to do. What is more, it also ensures that the different ingredients are appropriately combined, resulting in the perfect cocktail mix. A quality shaker that you get from will open you to numerous opportunities in mixing that will so make you feel cool about your creativity. Getting a good quality mixed drink shaker will open up a whole new cocktail world for you!

5. Time Saver

A cocktail shaker would most definitely reduce the time you use in making a cocktail by more than half. A cocktail shaker not only saves you energy but time because of the speed with which it blends the cocktail. This would mean that you can make more cocktails within the same time frame that you take in making a few cocktail drinks before.

6. Affordable

One of the common
misconceptions about cocktail shakers is that they must be expensive. Well, you
won’t know until you attempt to buy one from foodshark. Most cocktail shakers
come at a ridiculously low price for the value they offer that you can’t help
but wonder why you haven’t gotten one for yourself since. You may even end up
buying one for a friend as a gift!


It is time to go for a cocktail shaker and experience a new way of mixing cocktails drink right at the comfort of your home. Cocktail shakers are easy to use, affordable, time-saving, etc. They also improve your creativity at mixing drinks, and you also get to explore different flavors as much as you want. So, what else are you waiting for? Try a cocktail shaker and start recommending it to your friends too.