A Short History of the Crack Baby Cocktail

The Crack Baby cocktail might not have been around long enough to be labelled a classic just yet, but it is a drink favoured by new mum-of-three Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and it comes with quite a scandalous history, short as it is!
Extravagant Beginnings

Born at the Boujis bar in Kensington, a favourite haunt of the young royals, the Crack Baby is a delicious blend of vodka, passion fruit puree, syrup, Chambord and champagne, light, sweet and extremely moreish. Said to be Kate’s favourite drink before she settled into motherhood, the Crack Baby has already built up quite a following! Served in a giant syringe, it doesn’t quite evoke the sophisticated royal image that you’d expect.


If you had wanted to order a Crack Baby before March 2016, you would have had a hard time getting past the bouncers to the Boujis club, who were given a very strict door policy about who they could and could not allow into their premises. However, the club was plagued with controversy, finally leading to its closure around that time.

There was one bar brawl where a person was left with a cracked cheekbone and another only a few months previously which lead to a huge free-for-all right outside the clubs’ doors. Other scandals included reports that the club was filling £360 bottles of Dom Perignon with a cheap £10 alternative, ripping off hundreds of their regular clientele.
Rather than close permanently, Boujis became a private members-only club focusing on dining rather than late-night drinking. We are sure Kate holds a membership so that she can continue to enjoy her favourite drink!

Other Popular Cocktails in the Royal Household

Prince William is said to prefer a Treasure Chest, as served in Mahiki. While the drink is more of a punch than a shot, made for sharing rather than downing, it does share many of the same ingredients. Served in a real-life treasure chest, the drink contains Mahiki Grog, brandy, peach liquor, lime, sugar and is topped up with champagne, naturally!

You can now purchase the Crack Baby shot at Eclipse bar in South Kensington or Chelsea, so you still have the opportunity to drink like a royal – just don’t take too many!