All That Glitters… Is This The Best Christmas Party Cocktail?

A few years ago, my sister in law and I sat in our compulsory festive knit, glass of warming mulled wine in one hand, trusty pen in the other, and began to write a list of all the food and drink we needed to make our upcoming Christmas party for all, our the best one yet! 

But… how do we make our Christmas Party that little bit special? 

To show our love and appreciation to all our friends and family, we wanted to create a cocktail no one would have had before, that looked and tasted like Christmas!  

First, we chose our favourite base, champagne! We simply had to make a Christmas champagne cocktail, it’s the perfect party drink, a symbol of celebration! 

What about a Christmas kir royale? Yes, instead of crème de cassis we could swap with cranberry liqueur?! Adding a splash of cranberry liqueur to our champagne base in our favourite champagne flutes (we used Ruby Blue Cranberry Liqueur) to create our Christmas cocktail. The sweet and tartness of the cranberry liqueur with the bubbles and finish of the champagne was an instant winner! To finish, we added a few frozen cranberries and sprinkled a little edible glitter for that never-ending shimmer. In our opinion, the Christmas Baubbles Cocktail has become the ultimate Christmas party drink and a tradition ever since. 

Cocktail Recipe  



In the bottom of a champagne glass add the frozen cranberries and cranberry liqueur. Slowly top up with your favourite prosecco or champagne, taking care not to let the bubbles over fizz. To serve, sprinkle a little edible glitter into the glass, the bubbles in the champagne flute glitter like the Christmas baubles against the lights on your tree!

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