Cocktail Masterclasses for Amateur Mixologists in the UK

Whether you have never created a cocktail in your life, or you have already previously dabbled in a little mixology, you might like the idea of expanding your bartending knowledge and learning a few skills to impress visitors to your home. The UK, particularly London, has long been the destination of those who take their cocktails seriously, so it seemed like the ideal place to focus our attentions when looking for the very best masterclasses.

The Copper Rooms, Brighton

The cocktail-making class here is really one for the ladies, since it is run by two handsome, charming and conveniently topless bartenders. They market themselves at hen parties and everyone leaves the session with a smile on their face – whether it is due to the funny jokes told by the bartenders, the consumption of too many cocktails or just the sight of the bartenders’ bodies is up to you to decide!

Revolution, Birmingham

The Revolution chain of bars is well known for its cocktail-making classes, attracting hen-dos, stag-dos, birthday parties and other special occasions. The class involves making a variety of drinks, mixed with some fun games and a relaxed vibe. You can then stay and enjoy the rest of your night drinking your favourite concoctions at the bar!

The Cocktail Project, Newcastle

If you want to make cocktails with a bit of style, then this is the place to go! Fire, dry ice and a bit of interesting knowledge makes for an evening of fun. Its not all about cocktails either, you might learn how to drink tequila as it was supposed to be enjoyed and you will certainly be downing a few other shots while you are there. This is definitely a class to get the party started!

Alterego, Bristol

The guys are Alterego are all about having fun while enjoying good cocktails. They are so concerned about you having a great time, that you can even hire them to come to a venue of your choice for the cocktail-making class. If you prefer to stay in-house, however, you will be entertained in a private room and be able to enjoy karaoke in the main bar when your class has finished.

TT Liquor, London

Of course, London is filled with venues offering cocktail-making experiences, but we chose TT Liquor as our favourite since it manages to ensure everyone is having fun at the same time and certainly does not scrimp on the cocktail portions! You also get the feeling that you are really learning something while having a great night out, which is a tricky skill to master!

Cocktail making sessions are supposed to be fun and our selection is certainly not aimed at would-be master bartenders. However, they are fantastic group-bonding experiences and guests should always feel like they’ve had a great night out after attending.