Cocktails for Christmas Elves

might be a little bit different for most of us this year but that doesn’t mean
we can’t indulge in a few festive cocktails. We have put together a list of
some of the very best drinks that even Buddy the Elf himself will adore. So
pour a few of these for while you are wrapping the presents and get into the
yuletide mood.

The perfect
start to your Christmas festivities, the Sassy Little Elf will bring out your
inner party animal! Made up of lemon juice, milk and guava juice, combined with
a generous amount of fruity vodka, this drink is sweet and delicious. If you
are able to enjoy company over the seasonal holidays then this is perfect for

Naughty Elf Cocktail

Any readers with young children will know that once a year, a naughty little elf comes along to bring some fun to the festive time. While the kids love the irksome imp’s antics, parents can find it difficult to remember to move the elf from the shelf and often run out of ideas of what to do with him! The Naughty Elf cocktail is here to help you remember! Make yourself one of these concoctions every night, using cranberry juice, red grapefruit juice, cranberry liquor, spiced rum and lemonade, garnished with sprinkles and a candy cane, and you will be inspired to make all sorts of crazy escapades for your pesky pixie.

Buddy the Elf

Hands down,
my favourite film ever, Will Ferrel’s clueless character has inspired this
delicious cocktail. As you might imagine, this drink contains all of an elf’s major
food groups, including maple syrup, vanilla extract, molasses, cinnamon,
ginger, cream and chocolate syrup, as well as a cheeky swig of vodka and
kahlua. The garnish is nothing short of fantastic, with whipped cream, candy
canes, sweets and gingerbread cookies. If you are looking for a hugely
calorific alcoholic treat for Christmas, then this is one to try!

The Drunken Elf

This is a
drink that demands fancy dress! If you really want to get into the yuletide
spirit, you can only enjoy this drink in full elf costume! Made up of crème de
menthe, cinnamon schnapps and a lot of cream, this is a tasty concoction that
tastes just as Christmas should! Don’t forget to garnish with cinnamon sweets!

Son of a

In Buddy the Elf’s world, this cocktail name works as a form of cuss phrase! In our world, it is an amazing cocktail that should be enjoyed at least once a year. Made up of Aged Cachaca, Campari, Liquor 43, cream sweet sherry and southern pecan bitters, this drink is nutty and strong, making for a very merry Christmas!

2020 is the
year to pull out all the stops, in order to end a year of confusion and chaos
on a high. Make this the best Christmas celebration yet by incorporating these
elfy cocktails into your days.