Cocktails for St Georges Day

The legend of St George is one of a heroic horseman who slayed evil princess-eating dragons. Named the patron saint of England by King George III, this is a story that has been retold through many generations and forms the basis of a great many fairytales!

Wondering what you can drink to toast this brave warrior? Here are some dragon-themed cocktail suggestions!

Green Dragon

This is a shot that will have you breathing fire like the toughest dragon you could possibly dream of! This concentrated blend of vodka and green chartreuse won’t turn you into a mighty knight, but it might give you the ability to slay dragons in your dreams!

Dragon’s Poison

What do you do if your faithful stead and trusty sword are nowhere to be found while there is a dragon rampaging round your village? Seems like Dragon’s Poison might be the answer to your issues. This potent blend of triple sec, cola, Jack Daniels and black vodka would certainly be enough to fell a giant scaly monster – so be sure to drink responsibly!

The Dragon

This fruity, sweet cocktail might make you look at the ferocious dragon in a different light. Made up of Cointreau, pineapple juice and lemon juice, this citrus blend will help you to see that the dragon is just a misunderstood creature who just needs some love.


Ever wondered what it must feel like to be a dragon? This shot will soon help you to experience the power of breathing fire! Made up of one shot of whiskey and five drops of tabasco sauce, this is a drink that will set your throat on fire and burn any hairs up your nose! If you can manage two in a row, then we’d fancy your chances against a real-life dragon!

Far East Dragon

The traditional idea of a dragon is always green, which is why this epic combination of Midori, lychee liqueur and soju is so perfect for this annual calendar event. This dragon-based drink actually celebrates a different version of the mythical creature – one that is famous throughout far-eastern culture. Who knows if St George would have been able to defeat that dragon?!

Whether you are celebrating with friends this year, or the pandemic is forcing you to drink alone, we think you should try at least one dragon-themed cocktail this April 23rd. It would be unpatriotic not to!

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