Cocktails for the Proms

The BBC Proms is
drawing to a close in London and we can’t get enough of the classical tunes and
arty vibes. Of course, we have been enjoying every minute with a cocktail in
hand, ensuring that each beverage perfectly matches with our musical mood. Here
are some of the very best cocktails to enjoy on the last day of the Proms.

Created by the Ivy
Kensington back in 2016, this fruity cocktail was made especially for the
Proms, celebrating the bar’s proximity to the event. Much like the traditional
St Clements drink, this cocktail contains a combination of orange and lemon
juice, but with a cheeky shot of gin to make it far more interesting.

The perfect cocktail
for a lady who knows about the finer things in life. Or a man that appreciates
a classical lady, I suppose! Made up of Cointreau, vodka and grape juice and
perfectly finished with lime juice and a sprig of mint leaves, you can’t help
but feel sophisticated when drinking this concoction.

While it might not
have the elegance of some of the other cocktails in this list, Pimms has become
the liqueur of choice during the great British summer and this fruity punch is
incredibly moreish. Instead of combining with lemonade, as per tradition, this
drink uses cider, and plenty of it, to make for a bowl with a kick! Of course,
the fruity garnish cannot be forgotten.

If you were unable to
get to the Proms to enjoy them in all their live glory, you might want to do
your best to recreate the atmosphere at home, in front of your TV. The Arena
Bars at the venue serve an impressive variety of Mojito drinks, including the
traditional cocktail with rum, lime, sugar and soda water. You could also enjoy
a Mixed Berry Mojito, which substitutes soda water for lemonade and includes a
healthy portion of muddled berries, or a Mojito Royal, which uses champagne in
place of soda water.

If all else fails,
grab yourself a simple but satisfying glass of G&T, a British staple in the
cocktail world, thanks to its smooth, bitter tones. Add some edible flowers to
give it a summery, floral twist, or add a squeeze of lemon or lime for a fruity

The BBC Proms comes
round just once a year, so make sure to get your fill of classical music and
classic cocktails while you can!