Cocktails for the Unlucky in Love

For those without a special someone, the 14th January can be a gloomy day and one they’d rather forget. We have rustled up a few cocktail ideas to help appease your inner anti-valentine, with names that are sure to raise a smile and have you feeling better about being single. You can drink as many as you like, without having to check in with a partner, and you don’t even have to worry about whether or not they will give you bad morning breath!

Here’s a drink to drown your sorrows – Love on the Rocks is for everyone nursing a broken heart. Made up of gin and rose liqueur, with a squeeze of fresh orange juice, this is a highly fragrant drink that might have you believing in love again, if only until the hangover kicks in.

Let’s blame it all on cupid and his broken arrow, shall we?! While the Roman god tends to his busted tools, you can enjoy this fruity blend. A delicious combination of mango vodka, triple sec and cranberry juice, with a squeeze of fresh lime, this is a drink that will make you forget all about your love woes.

There’s nothing especially anti-valentines about the name of this drink, but we’re sure it made you smile, against all the odds! A cheeky shot that you can enjoy with your mates, instead of your beloved, this is a mix of Baileys, whisky and Kahlua.

If this cocktail describes the current state of your love life, then you might appreciate one or two sips of it. A quirky blend of ginger and raspberry liqueurs, topped with Prosecco, this is a drink that will fill you with fizz and help you to love your singledom. And you won’t have to share it with anyone.

If you are feeling bitter about a love that has been lost, or just about single life in general, this Mimosa variation might be the tonic you need. Made with Cynar, sparkling wine and freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice, it is an acquired taste, just like you.

Valentines’ Day isn’t for everyone, but you can make the most of your solo situation by enjoying a tasty cocktail and toasting to your freedom. Happy anti-Valentines!