Cocktails in the Air

If you’re planning a getaway sometime soon, you might want to reconsider the airline you’re flying with. Forget searching the internet for the cheapest flights and don’t worry too much about choosing an airline that allows you an extra 5kg luggage allowance. We all know the best airlines are the ones with the longest cocktail menu, whilst you’ll want to avoid the ones that completely prohibit drinking alcohol! Luckily, we’ve taken the time to discover which inflight options are most bartender friendly!


Hawaiian Airlines

The cocktails offered up by this airline may be premixed but they offer flavours unlike any you will find on other planes. Made with all-natural ingredients, you can choose from a Lychee Vodka Martini, Li Hing Vodka Gimlet and a tropical Mai Tai, all intended to showcase the Hawaiian palate. When enjoyed with the award-winning food menu, they will make flying a treat for even the most nervous of passengers!


Emirates Airlines

There is an actual bartender on-board most emirates flights, so that you are able to order your choice of 18 freshly blended cocktails, made from the range of 20 spirits kept on the plane. We recommend the Bloody Mary, since scientists have found that the altitude heightens the taste of the delicious drink, so that even those who have previously shunned the tomatoey concoction will appreciate the smooth vodka undertones.


Virgin Atlantic

If you’re lucky enough to fly Upper Class, you will be able to select your cocktail from the list of Signature drinks. You’ll also be treated to a glass of bubbly as soon as you step on board, a pre-dinner drink and an after-dinner aperitif. Despite this, the inflight bar is known to get very busy, proving its popularity amongst cocktail lovers!


Southwest Airlines

If you are worried that choosing cocktails over flight prices is going to harm your wallet, then you’ll be pleased to know that budget airline Southwest has an extensive, if not simple, cocktail menu. Their wide range of spirits and mixers at affordable prices means that you can sample a few different drinks, making that long-haul flight an awful lot more interesting!


Qatar Airways

So long as you avoid flying during Ramadan, when both the airport lounges and inflight menu are free from alcohol, and you are able to travel Business Class, you are treated to an extensive cocktail list. Enjoy simple classics such as a Bloody Mary or a Diamond Fizz. Even if you are flying Economy, you will still be treated to complementary drinks, but they may not be as special!


If sipping on a cocktail on the plane is all part of the holiday experience for you, we recommend avoiding airlines based in Islamic countries such as Kuwait Airlines, Saudi Arabian airlines and EgyptAir. It is also worth mentioning that most airlines will refuse to serve passengers who are drunk, so be sure to enjoy your alcoholic beverages responsibly!