Cocktails to Celebrate Star Wars Day

It’s a pivotal moment in every person’s life when they realise that “May the Forth” sounds a little bit like “May the Force”, the beginning of one of the best-loved quotes from the Star Wars saga. As a result of this word trick, the 4th of May is now recognised internationally as Star Wars day. The best way to celebrate is with the whole Star Wars box set and a couple of these delicious beverages!

Undoubtedly the most famous of the Star Wars villains, this breathy dark lord has earned himself a cocktail dedicated to his character. Featuring vodka, Tia Maria, dark rum and coke, this drink starts off as adorable as Anakin Skywalker, but you’ll quickly find yourself wrapped in the dark side if you drink too many!

One of the most loveable creatures on Hoth, these furry animals became quite a useful method of transport for the Rebel Alliance when making their way through the snow storms. This namesake recipe is based on that of the Fuzzy Navel, requiring an extra shot of peach vodka for a drink that could fell a Tauntaun!

If a Jedi wants to bring you under his control, then he probably won’t need a drink to do it. This tasty cocktail is a convenient option for those times when the force is failing him, however, using vodka, amaretto and coke to encourage you to bend to their will.

Of course, Darth Sidious would expect a cocktail named after his evil being and this potent blackcurrant concoction seems to be the perfect fit! Combining vodka, tequila and Creme de Cassis with fantastic results, this is a drink that could easily bring the Phantom Menace back to life, even after Darth Vader has destroyed him.

Death Star

A satellite with devastating powers, the Death Star is eventually destroyed by the Rebel Alliance. We pay homage to that magnificent feat of engineering with a drink that is as complex as the mechanics involved in keeping this machine in space. Add equal amounts of Jaegermeister, whiskey, vodka and triple sec and combine with double the amounts of sour mix and cola for a unique and tasty cocktail.

The legend of Star Wars is one that has struck a cord with many, delighting people of all ages, genders and orientations with its incredible effects and imaginative story line. Make sure you celebrate May the Fourth the right way with these magnificent drink mixes, and may the force be with you!

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