Cool Down with a Coffee Cocktail

Cool Down With a
Coffee Cocktail

There is something wonderful about summer – the long, hot days make it the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and us Brits like to make the most of every minute. But it can also get incredibly tiring – especially when the sun shines through your window at 4.30am! So, to help keep you awake until sunset, we have put together this tempting list of coffee cocktails. Just think of all the antioxidants you’ll be sipping along with your alcohol!

Add a little coffee to
a French Connection cocktail and you have a variation that is sure to give you
a caffeine kick! Make sure you use a warm glass and steaming coffee to create
this warming drink that also contains amaretto and cognac. Perfectly
complemented with a whipped cream top and garnished with shaved almonds, this
is an irresistible treat. Although it might not seem like a great drink for
summer, this hot drink can actually help to cool you down in the sunshine by
regulating your internal temperature to match your external temperature – you’re


The Spanish like their
coffee hot, sweet and alcoholic – three elements that are definitely included
in this intense cocktail. Adding a fruity touch by rimming the glass with an
orange slice and sugar, this drink is a delicious blend of grand marnier,
coffee, coffee liqueur, Jamaican rum and sugar syrup. If that doesn’t sound decadent
enough for you, use a spoon to create a floating layer of heavy cream on the

Maple Bourbon

Everyone likes maple
syrup and bourbon right? These two unique flavours take on a world of their own
when combined with coffee in this divine drink. It takes a little bit of
preparation to make – the syrup needs to be combined with whipping cream,
vanilla and brown sugar first before the bourbon is added. Only then, can you
add your hot coffee.

Prince Louis

Created in honour of
the royal baby, the Prince Louis cocktail was made with the intention of
keeping you up all night – so be careful not to have too many! A fruity mix of
orange and lemon juice is added to tequila and crème de cacao white, with a
small espresso shot that adds a caffeinated edge to this tasty beverage.

El Nocho Capita

One of the most potent
cocktails in this list, the El Nocho Capita will ensure you are able to party for
24-hours straight! Made up of espresso coffee, kirsch, cherry liqueur and
tequila, you need to take it easy with this cocktail, as you might not realise
just how drunk you are getting until it is too late and you’ll have no chance
of sleeping off any hangover! Regardless, this cocktail is so delicious that
you might be willing to take that risk.

Coffee cocktails tend to be a little more luxurious than other cocktails, making them a true treat for those that don’t drink too often. Just remember to drink responsibly, as you’ll be feeling the after-effects of both the caffeine and the alcohol!