Creamy Cocktails with a Christmas Vibe

Bailey’s is a deliciously creamy and decadent liqueur that can be enjoyed all year round, but there is something about it that makes it a hit at Christmas! There always seems to be a bottle doing the rounds at family gatherings and it is a surprisingly delicious addition to a cheesecake too! Here are some of our favourite cocktails featuring the festive delicacy!

What could be more Christmassy than a drink containing both Bailey’s and Amaretto? This irresistible blend also contains milk, vodka and kahlua and can be topped off with whipped cream if required, making for an incredibly indulgent cocktail that is likely to be the cause of a few sore heads in the morning!

There is something extremely satisfying about an Irish Coffee after a big meal but a time as special as Christmas needs something extra! Treat your guests to a Caramel Irish Coffee, made up of coffee (obviously!), Bailey’s, Butterscotch Schnapps, cream, caramel syrup and whiskey, for an after-dinner dessert cocktail that will put the spring back in your step! One will wake you up, two will knock you sideways!

Christmas is the time of gluttonous indulgence. We stock up on boxes of chocolates and munch through them all in seconds, so this Chocolate Dream cocktail is the perfect accompaniment to the festive season. Add a scoop of chocolate ice cream to your Bailey’s and vodka and top it off with chocolate syrup and chocolate pieces. If you can find a way to squeeze more chocolate into this cocktail, we’d love to know how you did it!

This is the perfect cocktail for that awkward in-between stage, where Thanksgiving is now over, but you’re not quite ready to start celebrating Christmas. Mixing your creamy Bailey’s with spiced pumpkin syrup makes it a great transitional drink, while the addition of bitters, rum and an egg white just finishes it off delightfully!

This ingeniously named shot is so called after the first letters of the three ingredients: Baileys, Malibu and Kahlua. Dodgy moniker aside, this simple, creamy and sweet drink is the perfect way to start any Christmas do!

As soon as advent begins, all diets are off the table and it is time to enjoy yourself! Hopefully these deliciously thick dessert-style cocktails will tickle your tastebuds and make for guest-pleasing drinks that you can serve at your festive gatherings.