Deck the Halls with Cocktails

Christmas doesn’t have
to be all about the kids! If you are looking to celebrate the festive season
with a few Christmas cocktails, then we can recommend a few drinks that are
sure to put you on Santa’s naughty list!

One of the most
popular seasonal films of our modern times is Elf, but we’re not sure Buddy
would approve of this beverage! Made with lemon juice, milk, guava juice and a
fruity liqueur like the X-Rated Fusion Liqueur, this is a smooth, sweet drink
that doesn’t quite cover the four main food groups of candy, candy canes, candy
corns and syrup!

After a long night
delivering presents all around the world, Santa deserves a treat, and what
could be better than this chocolate-based cocktail? A creamy blend of Kahlua,
milk, dark rum and chocolate chip cookie syrup, we can’t think of a more
appropriate way to round off the Christmas festivities.

A classic White
Russian might seem like a fairly Christmassy choice on its own, with the creamy
texture and high alcohol content, but this variation is sure to be one of your
favourites throughout December each year. This drink adds peppermint schnapps to
the mix and is garnished with candy canes, so you can indulge your inner child
and irresponsible adult sides both at the same time!

Christmas Cake Martini

Did you forget to make
this year’s Christmas cake in time? Don’t worry – simply throw together this
delicious cocktail variation and all will be forgiven! Made with all the
traditional cake ingredients, including cherry brandy, whiskey, almond syrup,
cognac and lime juice, with a cherry and cinnamon garnish, this drink might
possibly be better than a fruit cake anyway!

Perfect for Christmas
get-togethers, this festive punch is sure to warm up any red noses! A variation
on the summertime sangria, this drink contains triple sec, orange juice,
cranberry juice, sugar syrup, red wine, brown sugar and almond extract, with slices
of orange and a few cinnamon sticks for an extra Christmassy taste. Served warm
in a punch bowl, it makes a great table centerpiece.

If you are spending
any time with friends or family over the festive month as you prepare for the
big day, these cocktails are all real party pleasers, sure to impress even the
most bah-humbug of family members!