Five New Years Tips for Amateur Mixologists

If your new years’
resolution is to learn how to mix cocktails like the professionals, then we are
here to help! Here are some useful tips and tricks of the trade that you can
use at home to create beverages worthy of the Savoy Hotel.

Create a List of Ten

Trying to learn
hundreds of cocktails all in one go is only going to confuse and demotivate
you. Give yourself a list of your top ten favourite cocktails and work on
perfecting these before any others. Keep these cocktails simple to start with –
you can build up to more difficult techniques and complicated recipes later.

Get Equipped

In order to make
cocktails like the pros, you will need to stock your bar with a few basic
tools. Of course, a bottle opener and corkscrew are essential, but you will
also need to invest in a strainer, stirrer, muddler, mixing glass, jigger and
bar spoon. It would also make sense to start collecting the various different
types of glassware required for your cocktails of choice.

Think Quality Over

When you first set up
your bar, it can be tempting to fill it with lots of spirits and liqueurs to make
it look authentic. However, if you have a list of ten cocktails that you are
trying to perfect, you can build your bar up gradually, purchasing only the
ingredients that you will need and choosing a better quality of beverages in
order to ensure yours is the home bar that everyone is talking about!

Look to the Garden

Some of the best
mixologists use ingredients that they have plucked fresh from the garden,
giving their drinks an organic, delicious taste that is hard to replicate with
older produce. If you are able to grow some of your ingredients, then it should
be a priority. In the meantime, always choose the freshest fruits, herbs and
garnishes that you can, and never be tempted to opt for frozen fruit unless the
recipe calls for it.

Practice Makes Perfect

There are some
mixology methods that are almost impossible to get right first time. If you
have never muddled herbs before, it can be easy to over-stimulate them so that
they over-power your drink. The key is to be gentle, muddling for just a few seconds
in order to release the natural oils and delicate scents. Equally, using egg
whites in cocktails is something that not everyone can master, as they tend to
need a good, strong, shake for over ten seconds to get the light, frothy
consistency that you need. Remember not to lose heart and keep practicing – it
will be worth it in the end.

The path to mastering
mixology might not be easy, with a few bad cocktails along the way, but once
you know how to create your favourite drinks, you will never look back!