Our World Cup of Cocktails

Football fanatic or World Cup widow/er? Either way you’ll need a cocktail or two to celebrate or commiserate while World Cup fever reins through June and July 2018. Our list of World Cup cocktails naturally takes its lead from the partaking nations and some of the world’s best known cocktails. There are mocktails too in respect of the nations taking part where alcohol consumption is restricted. Cocktail or mocktail, there’s still much cheer to be had.

The 21st edition of the Fifa World Cup is almost be upon us, and although we are all looking forward to having international football being played through our set top boxes or otherwise for a few weeks, we here at Make me a Cocktail have planned a whole new World Cup to keep us thoroughly liquidated throughout the tournament. Ladies and Gentlemen, coming to a glass near you for a month is Make me a Cocktail’s World Cup of Cocktails.

We’ve gone through all 32 teams competing over in Russia this summer, and chosen a cocktail for each nation that we think represents them best; from national cocktails’ such as The Caipirinha (Brazil) or the Pisco Sour (Peru) to more descriptively named cocktails such as The Danish Fly (Denmark) or simply The Colombian (Colombia – obviously). Then we’ve taken each group match in the World Cup and we’re putting the cocktail from each country in that game head to head for all and sundry to vote on their favourite. So when Mexico play North Korea (23rd June at 7pm by the way), then we ask which is the worlds favourite cocktail between The Paloma (Mexico) or The Far East Dragon (North Korea). The winner gets their own set of World Cup Cocktail points, and we see who tops each group – in our own little cocktail way.

To celebrate this momentus tournament we’ve put together a dedicated page where you can follow along with all the winners and losers:


We’ll be posting all games and results on our Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts, so be sure to follow along and keep up to date with the results.

Play along at home and get some drinks in especially for the matches – bring The Pimm’s and Lemonade along with some Black Russian’s when England meet Belgium (you did read that right), and give your vote over on Twitter or Instagram.

It’s going to be a fun fuelled month for all of us as we try and gather which cocktail from the 32 countries really is the favourite.