The Travelling Cocktail Drinker: The Best Bars in Athens

Greece is famous for its ancient history, philosophical inhabitants and artistic architecture, but did you know that the Greek capital is also a fantastic place to get a tasty cocktail? While the country may still have one foot firmly placed in the past, the other is most certainly up-to-date with modern culture and making a visit to this city one that should be on everyone’s bucket-list. Here are our favourite cocktail bars in Athens.

Noel Bar, St Irene

When visiting Athens,
you expect to see beautiful buildings and intricate architecture – indeed, it
is part of the attraction. At Noel bar, they have all this and more! It is
always Christmas at Noel bar, making it the ideal destination for those that
love to get into the holiday spirit. Why not sample a Last Christmas cocktail?
Made up of rum, brandy, dark chocolate, ginger and bitters, it is sure to have
you giving your best Wham! Impression after a few glasses!

Drunk Sinatra, Thiseos

This trendy bar is a
popular hang-out for locals and the décor is definitely something to behold.  If you like your cocktails strong and your
bar atmosphere classy, then this is the place for you! Of course, if you visit,
the namesake cocktail is a must-have!

The Clumsies, Praxitelous

A bar that has thrived, despite its beginnings right in the middle of the infamous Greek recession, The Clumsies is a favourite for locals and an incredibly welcoming venue for tourists. Whether you want to enjoy a fun night out with friends, or a more intimate evening with one or two family members, there is something for everyone, with a smaller room that fits just ten guests, as well as a main bar area for the more sociable visitors. Enjoy billiards, a selection of LPs and a delicious cocktail menu. We recommend chocolate lovers try the Clumsy Smash – a mix of vodka, white chocolate, matcha tea and vermouth.

Baba Au Rum, Klitiou

Baba Au Rum is a
fusion of cultures in one bar, created from the owner’s love of travelling.
With that in mind, the cocktail list is as diverse as you’d expect, paying
tribute to countries from all over the world. If you’re unsure of what to try,
we suggest the Baba Au Rum, a tantalizing blend of rum, vanilla, sherry and basil
– sure to tickle your unami tastebuds.

Hilton Galaxy Bar, Leof.
Vasilissis Sofias

Hilton hotels are not known for their budget offerings, and many people prefer to swerve chain hotel bars in general, in order to get a more authentic feel for a place. However, the cocktails at the Hilton Galaxy bar are not to be missed and you’ll get to enjoy them up on the hotel rooftop, giving you a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding areas. If you are a fan of the Negroni, try the Hilton’s offering, which adds an indulgent touch to the classic favourite.

Wherever you go, we
are sure Athens will not disappoint, since you cannot help but be swept up in
the romantic architecture and Greek enthusiasm. Just remember to take plenty of
spending money, as the cocktails are not cheap in this part of the world!