The Travelling Cocktail Drinker: The Best Bars in Buenos Aires

When you think of artisan cocktails and speakeasy bars, Argentina might not be the first place that springs to mind. Indeed, until fairly recently, the country was all about wine-drinking, being one of the biggest consumers of the grape-based beverages in the world. Times are changing in the South American country and cocktail bars are easy to find in Buenos Aires.

Floreria Atlantico,

Number three on last year’s Best Bars in the World list, this beautiful Buenos Aires bar is cleverly concealed as a florist. Walk inside and down the stairs, however, and the interior opens up into a spacious bar area, where you can sample traditional hand-crafted cocktails. If flowers are more your thing, the florist is open for business upstairs!

Presidente, Recoleta

Trading on the glamour
of times gone by, Presidente is set-up in a vintage building, but the décor is
timeless. Whether you want dancing and vibrancy, or a quieter drink, there is
an area for you to enjoy the many exciting cocktail offerings, all prepared by
Argentina’s top bartender.

Bar 878, Thames

This bar has been
around since prohibition, which explains why you might walk past it a few times
before realizing that the large wooden door leads to something special!  With low lighting, comfy sofas and a general air
of coolness, this is the perfect place to chill out and enjoy the pretty

The Harrison
Speakeasy, Malabia

If you really want to know what a speakeasy should feel like, the Harrison is the place to go. Make your way through the sushi restaurant to the back, where the walls open up – provided you have the right password. The staff are eager to chat, filling you in on the history of the bar while serving up custom-made cocktails depending on your drinking preferences.

Darsena Bar, José
Antonio Cabrera

If sustainability is
your thing, as it should be, you are sure to approve of Darsena bar. Made up of
recycled pallets and shipping containers, the vibe is fun and the drinks are
cheap! Serving up classic margaritas and mojitos, the menu might be simple but
the drinks are expertly mixed and the atmosphere is perfect.

Argentina is home to
some of the most beautiful sites in the world, but when you have finished
visiting the tourist hotspots, these five cocktail bars are sure to keep you
entertained all night long.