UFC signs up Nemiroff and gets its first-ever official Vodka partner

  • 17th September 2019

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UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), which is considered
the biggest promoter in the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) industry, recently signed
its first ever partnership with a vodka brand when it signed up Nemiroff, the
well-known vodka brand from Ukraine, as its official Vodka partner.

As a multi-year partnership, this association will create a completely new sponsorship category in the UFC business, implying that Nemiroff will be able to get visibility inside the ‘Octagon’, the area where all the UFC fights are conducted, as well as in all the official UFC events. People who closely follow UFC are hopeful that this is the first step of many more similar partnerships to come in the future, a proof has UFC and UFC betting are both becoming hugely popular in all parts of the world.

Both brands hopeful of mutually benefiting from the association

Talking to the press about this new partnership, Paul
Asencio, Senior Vice President, Global Partnerships, UFC said that they are
very excited about bringing Nemiroff on board, and that too as UFC’s first
vodka partner at the global level. In his opinion, the spirits and alcohol make
for an important component in UFC’s sponsorship business, and the worldwide
popularity enjoyed by Nemiroff will enable them to popularise MMA sport as well
as the UFC brand in many parts of the world.

There will be additional partnership activations for
Nemiroff, including complete integration of the brand into all the UFC
telecasts, as well as visibility in all the promotional campaigns, digital
media and sampling. Resultantly, Nemiroff can expect to receive 1 billion more
eyeballs in 160+ countries because of this association.

Discussing their latest association with UFC, Yuriy Sorochynskiy, Chief Executive, Nemiroff said they are extremely pleased by establishing this partnership with the UFC worldwide. As a company they believe that UFC’s values and vision are completely in alignment with the DNA of the Nemiroff brand. He hopes that with Nemiroff becoming the official vodka partner of UFC, both the companies can align their brand strategies and reach out to a much wider market. Vodka is already an extremely popular spirit everywhere in the world, with almost every cocktail having a certain percentage of the spirit in it.

About Nemiroff

Nemiroff is widely recognised as a top quality vodka brand from Ukraine, in business for over 150 years. The Nemiroff vodka can be purchased in 80+ countries throughout the world and the alcohol is ranked at 3rd position amongst all the duty free brands in airports across the world. In essence, Nemiroff vodka has successfully positioned itself as an indomitable spirit over the years. Making the best use of challenges, competition and adversity, the Nemiroff brand has performed exceedingly well and earned over 70 different international awards.

It has also gained recognition for its excellent taste,
quality and market leadership. They continue to make new inroads in terms of
their development, distribution and sales. Some of the recent accolades
showered on the brand include recognition by tastings.com, the well-known San
Francisco World Spirits competition as well as the award of the World’s Best
Vodka handed out at World Vodka Awards in the year 2018.