Wedding Day Cocktails

Almost every wedding
you go to serves some sort of sparkling wine before the vows, or a variation of
Mimosa. If you want your big day to be one that others speak about for years to
come, why not buck the trend by offering a signature cocktail instead. Choose
one to match your theme; one that best describes how you feel about your wedding;
or just one that you both love the taste of! These drinks will have you saying,
“I do!” to a top-up!

If you are keeping all
the other details of your wedding very traditional (or maybe if you would like
to make an ironic statement) the White Wedding cocktail will be a very fitting
option. Made up of vodka, absinthe, champagne, coconut syrup and lemon bitters,
this might be one to serve sparingly if you want to enjoy your wedding night!

Taking all the
stresses out of finding that special something blue for good luck, this
cocktail is bright, beautiful and very tasty! Simple and easy to make, this is
an ideal drink for anyone who is cutting costs by providing their own drinks. A
sweet combination of vodka, lemonade and blue curacao, this tastes extra
delicious when sipped on a hot, sunny day.

This fruity tequila cocktail
is sure to go down a treat on your wedding day, making for a creative and
unique alternative to traditional pre or post-service drinks. This sweet concoction
is made up of rosemary, blackberries, lime juice and simple syrup, all combined
with tequila and plenty of ice. When garnished with berries, this is a
wonderful choice for services held outside of traditional venues and is sure to
get your guests talking.

If you really want an
event that is unlike any other, you could perhaps replace the cutting the cake
event with a Wedding Cake toast? Maybe not. But this Wedding Cake cocktail is a
wonderful addition to your day anyway and can easily replace dessert at your wedding
breakfast! Made with white rum, amaretto, pineapple juice, milk, double cream
and coconut cream, this is sweet, indulgent and incredibly moreish!

A wedding is not just
about the big white dress you know! The groom’s tuxedo is equally important,
and this potent cocktail is the perfect celebration of it. A wicked blend of
gin, absinthe, vermouth, bitters and cherry liqueur, this classy cocktail could
lead to some not-so-classy antics on the dance floor later in the evening!

Adding a personal
touch to your wedding day is all in the details, which is why a signature
cocktail is such a great idea. Let us know if you have any other wedding-themed
cocktail ideas!