Weird and Wonderful Cocktails from London

With London Cocktail
Week in full swing, the City is full of cocktail connoisseurs enjoying the
finest new beverages crafted by the very best of the capital’s bartenders. At
the same time, they can partake in cocktail masterclasses, chow down on
delicious street food and party the night away to a host of DJs.

Since London Cocktail
Week is all about innovation and tasty new combinations, we wanted to celebrate
the weirdest and most wonderful cocktails to have ever come out of the City. Here
is our selection – do you think we’ve missed any out?

Snapper’s Delight

In 2015, Cocktail Trading
Co treated its guests to a bowl of chipsticks, accompanied by a rather large ketchup
bottle. Instead of sauce, however, the bottle was filled with a drink called
Snapper’s Delight. Made up of bourbon, chilli, pepper and peach jam, lemon
juice and ginger, this is a particularly potent blend that will go fantastically
with your old-school crisps.


The Cocktail Trading
Co has been just as inventive this year, serving up the quirky Apairoteef to
its willing suspects. A delicate combination of Pisco, Prosecco and a special
ingredient, the drink is tasty enough if you can get past the fake teeth
garnish! The confectionery dentures are placed at the base of the glass, adding
a sugary touch to the cocktail and earning the drink its unusual name.

Cocktail glasses come
in many shapes and sizes, but the ones at Nightjar are served in vessels shaped
like cute little birds! The super-sweet drink features two different types of
rum, as well as apricot brandy and papaya puree, making this an usual beverage
even without our feathered friend.


This sweet, smooth
cocktail aims to celebrate feminine vibes and girl power by being served in a
glass shaped like a vagina! A popular drink on the menu at Untitled Bar, it
feels more like a yogurt than a drink and comes hidden under a fig leaf in
order to preserve its modesty. This is a drink that has to be seen to be

Something Fishy

At first glance, there
might not seem to be anything all that unusual about the Something Fishy
cocktail from GNH Bar. But when you discover that the vodka has been infused
with salmon and dill, you will understand why this is truly an acquired taste!
The vodka is combined with dry vermouth and celery bitters before being garnished
with an edible flower. It might sound strange, but it is certainly a pretty

London Cocktail Week
seems to bring out a sense of competitiveness between the many bartenders, as
each wants to create the wackiest beverage that will get them noticed. Make the
most of the week by visiting as many establishments as possible, so that you
can choose your favourite amongst the crazy cocktails.