Chocolate Mezcal Margarita

Kerrygold Chocolate Margarita // stirandstrain.comThis post was made in partnership with Kerrygold Irish Cream. Recipe and ideas are my own.

Last week I posted on our Monday Booze News that the Margarita still reigns supreme as the #1 cocktail in America. And as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing wrong with that. The Margarita cocktail has been a long-time favorite of mine with its balanced blend of sweet, sour, salt and vegetal qualities depending on the spirit base. But the cool thing about this drink is its never ending ability to morph into innumerable riffs.

Kerrygold Chocolate Margarita // stirandstrain.comYou’ve probably had a spicy Marg, or a skinny one, or a Cadillac, or a frozen, fruity, whatever one. But have you ever had a chocolate one? Before you raise your eyebrows at me, take a moment and I’ll explain.

Kerrygold Chocolate Margarita // stirandstrain.comFirst, we’re using mezcal for the base today. Mezcal has a lot of similar flavors that I associate with good quality chocolate: vanilla, tobacco, earthy, nutty, burnt caramel, etc… And while they have these similar aspects, the sweetness you get from chocolate cuts back on the smokiness from the mezcal so they also work together in that respect. But what about the acid needed in a Margarita? How does that work here? And well, I’ll assure you that lime juice still works. The brightness of the lime juice helps keep this from becoming an overly heavy cocktail. To give this an extra chocolate kick and a creamier mouthfeel, I’m adding Kerrygold Irish Cream to the mix. I love how balanced and unexpected the flavor of this is. The mezcal is definitely the powerhouse here but it’s tamed by the richness of the Kerrygold Irish Cream and the sweetness of the chocolate liqueur.

Kerrygold Chocolate Margarita //

Kerrygold Chocolate Margarita // stirandstrain.comI note below that the chocolate liqueur should be used to taste. If your bottle is very sweet, as a few brands are, then I’d cut it back to 3/4 ounce. Also, salt is totally optional here. I’m one who likes a little salt to balance out the sweet so I kept my salt rim; you do you though.

And hey! This Friday also just happens to be National Margarita Day, so what better time to have one (although, let’s be real, I’m having one regardless of a holiday). If you happen to try this recipe out, remember to tag us so we can check out your creation!! We love seeing what you all make!

Kerrygold Chocolate Margarita // stirandstrain.comChocolate Mezcal Margarita

1-1/2 ounces mezcal
1 ounce chocolate liqueur (more or less to taste)
1 ounce lime juice
1/2 ounce Kerrygold Irish Cream
salt and chocolate for garnish

First, if you are salting your rim, do that now and put the glass aside. Next, in a shaker 2/3 filled with ice, add in the mezcal, chocolate liqueur, lime juice and Kerrygold Irish Cream. Shake 20 seconds and strain into prepared glass. Optionally, you can garnish your cocktail with some chocolate shavings or a tiny chocolate bar.