Holiday Gift Guide: All the Stuff for Your Stockings

Why yes, a bottle of booze DOES fit in a stocking… or 25 bottles of nips.

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers 2018 //

Stuffing a stocking is about quantity, but you should also consider quality too. From tiny cocktail books, to tiny cocktail kits, shakers for your glitter squad and shakers for your grandpa, gadgets for the oenophiles in your life, and a fancy gold jigger just because. You can never go wrong with more bar tools, and did you know you can make your own gin? The kit fits in here too. And if the person is super picky about booze, get them a gift card and let them choose (we’ve got $5 for all of you).

1. The Mini Bar Book Set 2. Gold Jigger 3. Wine Opener 4. Italian Spritz Cocktail Kit 5. Glitter Shaker 6. Wine Bag and Cooler 7. Ginbrew Kit 8. Wine Preserver 9. Opinel Knife 10. Cocktail Picks 11. $5 off your order from Drizly for booze delivery 12. Wood Muddler 13. Enamel Shaker

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