Holiday Gift Guide: Boozy Stocking Stuffers 2019

We put some pretty sweet stuff in your stocking this year.

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide 2019 //

This stocking is filled with wine but if it wasn’t, you could fit tiny cans of cocktails inside along with your samples of Japanese Whisky. A thimble sized cocktail shaker necklace is my idea of the perfect accessory, followed by boozy chickens, and a stylish telescoping metal straw. And don’t forget the home goods. I don’t have time for anything but fancy coasters, and excuse me, I’m taking a shower with my Negroni now.

1. Drinking with Chickens Pin 2. Whiskey Tasting Subscription 3. YAY! Stirrers 4. Cocktail Shaker Necklace 5. Negroni Soap 6. Capper 7. Lux Straw 8. Stocking Flask 9. Coasters 10. Rock and Rye Canned Cocktails

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