Low Rent Cocktail of the Month: The Dr. Dad

Low Rent Cocktail of the Month: The Dr. Dad // stirandstrain.comIt’s been forever since I’ve handed out a Low Rent Cocktails to you all. So, I thought I’d throw you one for all the dads out there since we just celebrated Father’s Day. The dads just trying to get through the night with a sick kid. I bring you… The Dr. Dad.

Guys, this was my father’s cure for whatever ails myself or my sister had when he had the misfortune of having to watch us while my mom was working second shift. I mean, I’m not sure it’s super acceptable to give your 6 year old the equivalent of snake oil from the 1860s, but, you know, I turned out JUST FINE what with me writing about booze for a career. And now I give my toddler real medicine from the drugstore and withhold this prescription for mama.

Low Rent Cocktail of the Month: The Dr. Dad // stirandstrain.comSo, do you have the summer sniffles? Are your allergies acting up? Do you suffer from male pattern baldness or shingles? This might not cure any of those things but darnit this stuff is tasty. And easy! Got a shot glass or juice cup nearby? You’re already halfway there.

Low Rent Cocktail of the Month: The Dr. Dad // stirandstrain.com

Dr. Dad

1 ounce of whiskey
1/2 ounce of honey
squeeze of lemon

Combine in a shot glass. Microwave for 10 seconds. Shoot it back. Repeat if necessary.

The Low Rent Cocktail series is an occasional column on Stir and Strain where the boundaries of “good taste” are pushed to the limit, or more often than not, pushed out the window. Enjoy at your own risk.