Make It: Meyer Lemon Citrus Sugar Cubes for Cocktails

Make It: Meyer Lemon Citrus Sugar Cubes for Cocktails //

I think I’ve been talking about putting these into a post for a few years now. So, sorry. Thanks for your patience. I’ll get us straight to the how-to in just a second.

First, I’m going to repeat a few pointers from my Smoked Sugar Cube post so you’ll all have it right here for reference:

  1. You must use superfine sugar, granulated sugar does not make for a solid cube.
  2. Don’t try and speed this up by microwaving. All these recipe how-to’s I read on making sugar cubes all reference the microwave and I think they are ALL LYING. All the microwave did was melt my sugar, even on low power.
  3. Mini ice cube trays are amazing for perfectly sized cubes. But not necessary. Your choice.
Make It: Meyer Lemon Citrus Sugar Cubes for Cocktails //

The Meyer Lemon is quite fragrant and comes through just from using the zest. And then there’s the slightly bitter undertones from the lemon bitters as well; that’s why I specify that these are for cocktails instead of, say, your tea.

These little sugar cubes are super easy to make, come together fairly quickly, and stick around for a long time. I hope you get to make some and if you do, let me know what you used them in. I added them to a simple gin and lemon La Croix I mixed up while cleaning my house this weekend.

Make It: Meyer Lemon Citrus Sugar Cubes for Cocktails //

Meyer Lemon Citrus Sugar Cubes

1 cup superfine sugar
zest from one Meyer Lemon (you can substitute a regular lemon too)
1 teaspoon lemon bitters (I used Bitter Truth here)
1 teaspoon water

  • Combine superfine sugar, Meyer lemon zest, lemon bitters and water in a small mixing bowl. Combine until the texture of wet sand is reached.
  •  Pack sugar into a mini ice cube tray, tamping down each hole. Alternatively, you can spread mixture out in a 1/4 size sheet pan (you might want to double the recipe amount) pressing down hard. Let mixture sit out to dry overnight or up to two days if you’re in a climate with a lot of moisture in the air. 
  • To remove sugar cubes, flip the ice cube tray over and knock hard on the back to release the sugar cubes. Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place for up to one year.