Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Mom does not want a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant. Mom wants booze.

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019 //

For every type of mom out there, we can all agree, if you’re looking here for gifts, she wants some wine. Accessorize that bottle with a hometown wine bag. Better yet, accessorize with some accessories. Earrings are always a good idea. Does she need a to-go cup for that last glass of wine? Yes, duh. Does she like to #earnherbooze? Does she need a tank top to proclaim this at the club gym? I bet her bestsellers book club would be impressed with a James Beard award book winner. And I think it’s about time you replaced that fancy punch bowl set of hers you broke in high school. Better bring her a spritz too.

1. Rosé pin 2. Aperol Spritz door mat 3. Champagne earrings 4. City wine tote 5. Champagne tank top 6. Wine tumbler 7. Cocktail Codex book 8. Wine chiller 9. Punch bowl set

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