Source It: Salt for Margaritas

Salt. It seems like a simple ingredient, but if you happened to step into my kitchen, you’d notice the tray of salts we keep. I like variety, and what better time to sample some new salts with #NationalMargaritaDay happening tomorrow! Because I take my Margarita with salt on the rocks, thanks.

Source It: Salts for Margarita Cocktails //

Sure, you could rim your glass with straight kosher salt or even “Margarita Salt”, but here’s a few fun finds I personally use and love.

Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt : When I want a salt with a dramatic color, I turn to this black lava sea salt.
Maldon Sea Salt Flakes: Maldon is a classic salt with beautiful flakes.
Sal de Gusano: Worm salt! If you’re having a Mezcal Margarita, try rimming your glass with this salt made from the worms that live in the plant.
Aleppo Chile Pepper Sea Salt: sweet and mildly spicy, it’s a great salt for a tangy Margarita.
Wild Hibiscus Flower Pyramid Salt Flakes: a beautiful color on the glass with an earthy, floral scent.
Citrus Ginger Salt: all around great, zingy salt that works well with all the fruit flavored Margaritas.

If you’re in the DIY mode, I also have a recipe for Vanilla Salt that is super easy to make and delicious on all kinds of things, including a Margarita. Check it out here!