Springtime Cocktail Book Essentials

Sun’s out. New cocktail books are out. Everything’s fine.

Springtime Cocktail Book Essentials // stirandstrain.com

Throw open the windows, grab a chair, maybe some light up ice cubes, and indulge yourself with a new cocktail book. Making drinks for a crowd? You’ll need a pitcher, and upgrade those plastic straws already. Rather get whisked away to a tropical island? Tiki it up with some new glassware and a place to put all your tiny umbrellas. You’ll find me under a giant umbrella outside, bookmarking recipes with my new to-go drink container.

1. Light up ice cubes 2. Coral flask 3. Glass straws 4. Pineapple bar spoon 5. Swan glass 6. Cactus pitcher 7. Calories container 8. Batch Cocktails book 9. Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails book

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